About Us

Destroying malware since 1392

16,000 websites are breached every day worldwide. While large companies have teams of security specialists or IT departments available to maintain the security of their website and remediate any issue, most individual site owners, small businesses and nonprofit organizations lack the technical skills and the financial means to face such issues which may have a critical impact on their ability to stay online or even remain in business.

Samurai Defender has been launched by Canadian Cloud Service Provider 01 Remote Inc to offer fast, professional yet affordable malware removal and website security services to small businesses and nonprofit organizations in North America and beyond. Our team includes knowledgeable online security experts with a deep understanding of WordPress and other website platforms, who can use their expertise to help prevent website breaches, or cleanup websites found to be compromised. Our malware removal service starts from $99 only (one-time fee) and can be completed as fast as within 6 hours. We also offer Web Defender packages that provide ongoing monitoring and security remediation service from just $49/month.

Samurai Defender also partners with various web hosting companies, IT consultancies and other online platforms, by providing them with a discount code for their clients who may need our services, while giving them a financial incentive for that referral. To learn more about our affiliate program, please contact our partners & affiliates department, or read more about our affiliate program in our knowledgebase.